what is hypnotherapy
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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the controlled use, by an experienced and qualified practitioner, of hypnosis as a tool for helping people to achieve goals, break undesirable habits, resolve issues, rid phobias etc. In order to understand the [Read More]

prenatal-massage contraindications
Pregnancy Tips

Prenatal Massage Contraindications

Prenatal Massage Contraindications Women commonly face problems like back pains, aches and tensions. Hence massaging helps in relieving many problems like edema, insomnia, headaches and many other symptoms noticed during pregnancy. Such problems are caused [Read More]

best pilates workout

Best Pilates Workout

Barre sculpt, foam rollers, TRX, Pilates Rings & balls, cardiolaties, yogalaties, body rolling, and on and on. It’s great really that Pilates is being emulated and incorporated into so many styles of physical fitness. After all [Read More]


Itraconazole Side Effects

Itraconazole, though considered to be one of the best fungicidal drugs available, the adverse effect list is quite long. Itraconazone size effects are not only confined to individual drug reaction. It has many complex drug [Read More]

Enterotube Test

Enterotube Test

Enterotube II is a rapid, multi test kit system used to identify unknown oxidase-negative, gram- negative, rod shaped bacteria from the family Enterobacteriaceae Enterotube II has a tube with a flat side and which contains 12 [Read More]

how to read abdominal  Xray

How to Read Abdominal xray?

X-ray Abdomen or Abdominal X-ray is popularly known as AXR. This is another common x-ray, we frequently encounter. Here is an easy to remember mnemonic on how to read abdominal  Xray.  We simply can remember it as Gases, [Read More]