Best Handheld Ultrasound Devices Compared

Handheld ultrasound device is the future of all USG scanners. No wires, no more clutters. These devices are so user friendly, cozy and portable that any radiologist can hardly resist from getting one. [jpg]

We compare the best of them available in today.

   Clarius Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Device

Clarius manufactures one of the most advanced handheld ultrasound device, which wirelessly streams data to most iOS and Android devices. You can see view live view on your iPad or Android screen with the help of a simple app. There is a cloud storage option also, and a digital library is just a touch away.

It has passed recently CE Mark approval for the commercial sale of the C3 and L7 Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners for use by medical professionals.  C3 Scanner is capable of multipurpose scanning of all parts of the patient’s torso, including the heart. The devices exhibit outstanding resolution with its convex array for abdominal and lung images. L7 is Linear Array Ultrasound Scanner and ideal for guiding procedures. Easy to sterilize and keep clean. One can easily get fine detail from 1 to 7 cms from L7. Both the devices come with full body metal jacket which gives a premium look. These devices have 45 minutes of active battery life and 7 plus hrs standby time.

Approx Cost       $‎6,900.00 for BW / $‎9,900.00 with Color Doppler
Official Page Product Page
For Ultimate Portability, User friendliness, Premium Look and feel, Cloud Storage, FDA CE Approved, Included Warranty
Against Price


  Philips Lumify App Based Handheld Ultrasound Device

Phillips Lumify handheld ultrasound probes are time tested device and connects to your tab or smartphone with a micro USB port. Its got a simple interface to manipulate and requires just an installation of the Lumify AppLumify goes where you go, so you can start scanning without searching for equipment in the emergency department. It looks more or less like a standard ultrasound probe with a micro USB on the far end. Lumify doesn’t need to be charged. Once connected, It is powered by your Android device. The Lumify app enables users to store scans, images and has the ability to share via email. It also has cloud based storage ability. The app only recognizes Lumify probes, and during first set up device registration is required. Unfortunately Lumify doesn’t support iOS. [momi]

Lumify has three types of probes, S4-1, L12-4 and C5-2. Lumify S4-1 is suitable for Lung, Echo, Abdomen, Ob Gynae and FAST. Lumify L12-4 is meant for soft tissue, superficial, MSK and Vascular in addition to Lungs.

 Approx Cost Flexible pricing options starting at $199/month, with 12 & 24 month subscriptions
Official Page Product Page
For Portable Design, Flexible Pricing
Against Wired Connectivity, No support for iOS, Only available for distribution in the USA


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 3   Healcerion SONON 300L Handheld Ultrasound Machine

Healcerion’s SONON 300L, 300C and 300MC are both CE and FDA approved product line in mobile ultrasound device compatible with iOS and Android technology. Quite a small to fit in your pocket and light enough to operate with two fingers. With a weight of 369g and 78(W) x 229(L) x 38(H)mm dimension, it’s one of the best devices to carry around.

Just like Clarius it has  Wifi (2.4GHz)  connectivity and can be paired  with an existing smartphone or tablet to conduct scans. The device has a 2600 mAh Li ion Rechargeable battery, which delivers amazing scan time of 3 hrs. The SONON mobile application supports both iOS and Android device and providers can scan patients and transmit images and recordings securely to any hospital via Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE networks. SONON 300L is for  MSK(Muscular-skeletal), Orthopedics, Vascular, Pediatrics, Sports medicine, Point of care, Ultrasound-guided procedures and color doppler. 300MC is basically designed for Veterinary, Pediatrics, Neonatal, Point of care, while 300C is only suitable for general and Ob Gyne.

Approx   Cost SONON 300L: 8,000USD, SONON 300C: 6,000USD
Official Page Product Page
For High Resolution, Color Doppler, Wireless Connectivity, Portable and Sleek Design, Compatible with any Smartphone or Tab, CE and FDA approved
Against No Cloud


 4  Fujifilms Sonosite iViz Handheld Ultrasound Device

Unlike Claurius and Lumify,  Fujifilm Sonosite is not compatible to Tab or Smartphones via apps. It comes with a 7 inch display system. The high-resolution touch screen and innovative thumb operated user interface helps the doctor quickly go through various modes and enables quick diagnosis.  iViz supports a range of clinical applications, interchangeable transducers, and optimization controls allowing accurate assessment. The display unit can be easily held on left hand enabling the user operate with his thumb, while his right hand scans through the transducer. 

Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows iViz to connect to Hospital Medical IT Systems, Cloud Solutions or Patient Vital Sensors. There is a remotely diagnosing capability via secure cloud-based telemedicine solutions where patient information can be accessed iViz and send reports to the EMR, Other connectivity like Micro USB, HDMI ports, and audio ports allow iViz fully compatible to any other medical Info systems.

Approx Cost
Official Page Product Page
For Cloud Strage,Connectivity,  Flexible Pricing, Telemedicine Functionality
Against Comes with a display unit, cannot go really mobile


 5   Mobisante MobiUS SP1 System Handheld Ultrasound Mobile

Mobisante’s MobiUS is an irresistible deal when it comes to appearance and feel. MobiUS SP1 System comes with a 800×480 WVGA touchscreen that easily slips in pockets. Along with the probe it weighs 11.6 oz. only. It has 8GB internal storage and connects to PC or other devices via WiFi or PC sync. There is another option for 3G connectivity. The in built battery allows continuous scan time over 60 min. [jpg] It supports two types of transducers 3.5 and 5.0 MHz which is for  Abdominal, OB/Gyn and guidance procedures. The Second type is 7.5 and 12 MHz and  suitable for vascular, guidance procedures, small organs. The product is FDA approved.

Approx Cost $7495.00
Official Page Product Page
For Wireless Connectivity, Size, FDA approved
Against Low resolution display, No Cloud, Non compatible with other Smartphone or Tab,


    • See, there is a clear specification difference between the two devices. Lumify has been widely trusted by a lot of practitioners. I would go for Sonon 300L only If I dont like wires.

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