5 Easy Workouts to do at Home

Here are five sets of easy workouts to do at home. You don’t need any equipment or space to perform them. And best thing is you can remember them  just as easy as A B C.

#1: WALK

These easy workouts to do at home are low impact, walking-based cardio circuit. It can be done as a quick, 5-minute exercise shot during your busy day, or repeated up to 4 times for a full 10, 15 or 20-minute cardio workout. [momi]

W: Walk (2 minutes). March quickly in place, driving arms back and forth and maintaining good posture, for two minutes.

A: Arm circles (1 minute). Continue marching in place, and maintaining good posture, make large circles with arms from front to back for one minute.

L: Leg lifts (1 minute). With hands on hips, lift one leg out to the side of body, pointing foot. As leg lowers, bend knees slightly to switch sides. Change legs each time, moving at a quick tempo, for one minute. [jpg]


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