5 Easy Workouts to do at Home

K: Kicks (1 minute). Standing tall, perform a low kick to the front of body, swinging opposite hand towards foot, alternating sides at a fast tempo for one minute.

#2: JOG

There’s no need for a boring treadmill to squeeze in a good sweat session! Try this efficient 5-minute cardio circuit indoors or out. Perform this simple circuit up to 4 times in total for a full 20-minute workout, or shorten it depending on how much time and energy you have.

J: Jog (3 minutes). Jog briskly in place (or if space allows, travel) for three minutes.

O: Overhead press (1 minute). Continue jogging and extend arms overhead with hands in fists, then bend elbows and pull arms down by sides. Repeat quickly for one minute.

G: Ground reaches (1 minute). Tap left foot out to side, bending right knee, and reach left arm towards the ground, bending right elbow behind body. Quickly push off the floor and switch sides. Repeat as quickly as possible for one minute.[jpg]


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