Guided Meditation Script for Relaxation

A Guided Meditation Script for Relaxation tames your restless mind when stress strikes. Out of the blue, bad news lands on your desk or kitchen table. What happens? Your mental clarity goes out the window. Have you ever wondered why?

When emotions increase, intelligence decreases.

Relaxation reverses that equation. Your harmony and intelligence return with just two or three minutes with a script for relaxation, or meditation.

How is a Guided Meditation Script for Relaxation used?

A relaxation script can be read silently or out loud, memorized, or recorded in your voice and played when you want to do your meditation home study.

If you live with someone, ask him or her to read it to you. You can even read it to your child… Imagine if you’d learned how to relax deeply at an early age!

A relaxation script helps you feel peaceful, serene and centered. Keep it with you and read it at coffee time really breathing it in. This technique allows you to deeply relax for a few minutes during your daily activities. Both your body and mind need frequent, daily relaxation for good health and well-being.

For a complete physical relaxation, please see the instructions on how to meditate for beginners and then return here.

Having a few scripts is helpful. If you like the sample below, why not create one that is 2-4 minutes long? You may want to get together with a few friends. Assist each other or write one together. After a while, come together again to create another script. Your mind needs variety. A second or third script will prevent boredom.

Your mind is your greatest asset! All your thoughts and desires originate in your mind. True, they don’t always uplift you. Relaxation scripts actually re-train your mind to think well of itself and others. After a while, you’ll see your mind as your best friend…

As you use a script, one of the beneficial side effects is how you treat yourself. You’ll become more patient and compassionate with yourself. You’ll have respect for own mind. You’ll trust yourself and your intuition more and more.

Writing Your First Relaxation Script

You will benefit from writing at least one relaxation script. It will help you learn the technique. Then, you may simply do your scripts mentally. You may find you don’t even need to write them down after using them for a while.

A relaxation script works best when it involves all your senses.

First, remember a time or place when you were incredibly relaxed. Allow your mind to revisit the inner ‘files’, until one or two experiences stand out over the others. Take your time. You may want to walk around until you have one.

Trust yourself. Your intuition will know which one to start with.

Choose one experience: the beach… a forest walk… bike riding… being with your children… a rainy day… a quiet or romantic dinner… en route somewhere by air or train… It may even be laying in bed on the weekend as in my example below.

Choose one experience and begin describing it… Take apart the experience.

Sample Relaxation Script: Laying In Bed Sunday Morning

“I am safe, comfortable, all warm and cozy … my body feels light, weightless. The fragrance of essential oils soothes my mind … the sunlight comforts me… my catâ€s purring reassures me…. my thoughts are becoming quiet… I am deeply relaxed… my breath is relaxed… each breath takes me into my heart.”

Golden Tip: While reading your script, be sure to pause for several seconds in between each sentence whether you are recording it, reading it, or memorizing it.

Finally, check your descriptive words for their inner resonance. The best words for you will evoke the relaxation response you want.

Print your relaxation script for your Meditation Journal or your Relaxation Journal, if you keep separate journals and use it in your meditation home study.

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