How can you get genital warts without being sexually active

You may be asking yourself the question, How can you get genital warts without being sexually active ?

The straight answer is no! If it is genital warts due to HPV, it can’t transmit being sexually active. [jpg]

Genital warts or human papilloma virus can only be contracted by a person through sexual act. More correctly they can spread via oral sex, homosexual activities or even touching genitalia with a infected hand. Though mucosal contact is said to be required for development of warts, there are incidents of occurrence with skin contacts.

They are considered a sexually transmitted infection. There are least seventy types of this awful virus. Human papilloma virus warts are wart growths that can appear on the genitals of both men and women. They are located on such body parts as the penis, vagina, and the anus. A man or woman who has genital warts may not have any type of systems. It is best to go regular to your doctor and get checked if you are a person who is sexually active.

If you’re sure you had no form of sexual contact, you should consider the following:

  • Probably the diagnosis is incorrect. It was not genital wart.
  • You might have missed some incidence of sexual contact.
  • You can get warts by skin contacts, nails and accidental exchange of underwear. Rare though
  • Rarely some warts may be caused by non HPV. So, very rarely  you can get  genital warts without being sexually active.

Women and Genital Warts

You may find out during your clinic visit that you have genital warts on the inside walls of your vagina or on your cervix. Your physician will have to do certain procedures to ascertain whether you have genital warts inside your vagina or cervix they are these warts are very flat and hard to see. [momi]

Physicians can also tell you how do you get genital warts. You will want to get treated for human papilloma virus as soon as possible. This virus can lead to cervical and anal cancer and it can cause changes to a woman’s cervix due to the onset of cancer.

Unfaithfulness Myth and HPV

When a partner contracts a sexually transmitted disease, the other partner is always certain that their partner has been unfaithful to them. When this happens a partner will want to ask the question, “How do you get genital warts? You may be surprised at the answers to “How do you get genital warts? And “How long can the human papilloma virus stay dormant in a person’s body? The answers may not be what you are thinking. [momi]

For most sexually transmitted diseases, a partner’s faithfulness would be in question but this is not always the case when it pertains to human papilloma virus or genital warts. This type of sexually transmitted disease may not show up for a very long time. A partner may have had sexual relations with someone who had the virus before they ever met their partner.

Factors for High Risk

You have figured out how do you get genital warts, you will want to consider some factors about genital warts. Some factors will put you at a high risk to get genital warts. If you have these risks your warts may spread quickly, there is also the chance that you wars will return after they are gone. Complications with human papilloma virus is also a consideration, if you are high risk.

You may be considered high risk with genital warts, if you are having sex with more than one partner. Becoming high risk for genital warts also comes from beginning sexual activity at a very young age. A woman who is pregnant and contracts genital warts is considered in a high risk pool.

Habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco can also put a person on a high risk list. If you have an immune system that is not functioning well due to other diseases, then this too can make you high risk. This should put an end to that question you had about how do you get genital warts.

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