How to Get Rid of Fishy Vaginal Odor

Fishy vaginal odor, do you have it? Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you do but you’re not just aware of it. Maybe you’re not just aware of it because you’re already immune to your own smell. And it’s very embarrassing that you can smell other people’s odor but you can’t smell your own. This article focuses on how to get rid of fishy vaginal odor. [jpg]

Men don’t have to worry about this precisely because only women can have this problem. But women don’t openly talk about it because it’s either they think they don’t have it, or they’re too shy to ask about it. Check yourself again. You might already have fishy vaginal odor. To be sure, ask someone close to you, your family or friend, to tell you honestly if they have smelled something from you.

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Having this kind of problem is no joke because aside from being embarrassing, it is also not healthy. It means that something is wrong within you. There might be something wrong inside your body causing this odor. But don’t be nervous because the most common cause of fishy vaginal odor is improper hygiene.

So if you have this kind of problem, or if you simply want to prevent it, proper hygiene is the best remedy.

Always keep your body clean, especially your genital organ. Wash it two to three times, everyday. In washing it, use only mild soap or feminine wash and warm water.

Choose the soap or feminine wash that you’re going to use. Always check on the ingredients because there might be some substances in them that could harm you. Know what harmful substances are used as ingredients in manufacturing soaps or feminine washes. Some substances that are known to cause allergy are alcohol, fragrances, colorant and mineral oils.

If you see some of these substances in their ingredients, do not use them. They will only cause skin dryness or allergies which will make your fishy vaginal odor worst. Be sure also to wipe your vagina with fresh and clean cloth. Also important is to wear clean and comfortable panty everyday.

Change it at least twice a day. Wear panties made of cotton instead of polyester or silk. Cotton helps keep you cool, while polyester makes you perspire, especially when the weather is hot. There are circumstances however when you can’t change your panty at least twice a day, so wear disposable panty liners. [momi]

When it’s time to change your underwear but you can’t do so, you may just peel it off and change it with a new one. It is also best to use panty liners during those days when your feminine discharge is heavy. However, it is not also advisable that you wear panty liners all the time because it may also cause fungal infections especially if you do not change it as often as twice a day.

Make it a habit to wipe your vagina with tissue paper after urinating. In this way, you’ll keep it dry to prevent bacteria from multiplying. So be sure that you always keep it clean and dry. It will also keep you feel fresh and comfortable everyday. So if you want to eliminate fishy vaginal odor, or if you just simply want to prevent it, always remember that proper hygiene is the best remedy.

Follow this simple advice and smell fresh everyday.

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