Identify Appropriate History Questions to Ask Regarding the Breast examination

Here is a list to Identify Appropriate History Questions to Ask Regarding the Breast examination. Often it seems the health worker staff is confused regarding history of breast tumor or breast discharge. It is always good to take a note to the following points:

Menstrual History And Obstetric History:

  • Age of Menarche: A prolonged exposure to estrogen happens which is a  considered risk factor if age at menarche less than twelve.
  • Age of Menopause: Late menopause, particularly more than fifty five again a risk factor.
  • Irregular Cycles: Irregular cycles are generally indicative of hormonal imbalance
  • Nulliparity:  Nulliparity or 1st child after 30 yrs age is considered to be another risk factor
  • Prolonged Oral contraceptive use or Use of estrogen or progesterone.
  • Never breast fed mothers are prone to Ca Breat
  • Alcohol intake
  • Number of children, first child born date, last child age
  • History of Obstetric complication

Family History:

  • History of Breast Ca in siblings or first relatives is considered as high risk.
  • History of Breast Ca in other family members

Past History:

  • History of lump previously in the breast or axilla or around neck
  • History of Breast Tissue thickening
  • Any discharge from Nipples
  • History of Size or shape changes unilaterally
  • Any distortion of shape Areola
  • History of chest trauma or breast tissue injury
  • History of Ovarian Cancer, Trauma, previous surgery

History of Local Disease:

  • Site of Pain
  • Duration of pain, type of pain, radiation, association and time course.
  • Size of lump if any, progression, growth
  • Smoking, drugs and any other association.

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