Lyrica Withdrawal Symptoms, Precautions, Recovery and User Experience

Lyrica has very severe form of withdrawal symptoms and often underestimated by the doctors. In many cases it has been observed that the treating doctor even didn’t warn the patient about it’s possible lyrica withdrawal.

The patient suffering from lyrica withdrawal often fails to understand  what was happening with him. But ask anyone who has experienced lyrica withrawal: It’s hell !

This article focuses on Lyrica Withdrawal symptoms, precautions to take and remedies for fast recovery. You can also read real user experience on Lyrica Withdrawal. [jpg]

What is Lyrica and what for it is Prescribed

Let’s start with the basics. Lyrica is the Prescription name of generic drug Pregabalin by pfizer.  It’s used for adjunctive treatment of partial-onset seizures. Another use of Pregabalin is for the neuropathic pain associated with painful diabetic  neuropathy, non diabetic microneuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia. These also given in generalized anxiety. Pregabalin comes in capsules  ranging strengths from 25 up to 300 mg.

You may have been prescribed Lyrica for any one or combination of the reasons above. The dose and duration of treatment varies from severity of the disease you are suffering from.

How does Lyrica/Pregabalin Work for You

Pregabalin, the generic drug in Lyrica is a GABA analogue. GABA ( gamma-aminobutyric acid ) is a inhibitory neurotransmitter  and reduces the excessive excitation of the neurons allowing them to get back to a normal state. This includes hyper-excitability due to tissue damage, diabetes mellitus and neuropathy. Pregabalin also modulates neurotransmitter and it works as  anxiolytic and anticonvulsant.

Lyrica Withdrawal : An Overview

Everyone does not face withdrawal issues with Lyrica. However, the majority of patient feel some amount of withdrawal following a long duration or high dose regime. Some people may experience withdrawal with low dose or shorter duration of treatment also. We have found that Lyrica Withdrawal depends on several individual and drug factors. Here is the list:


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