Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress related hair loss is more of an emotional problem than a physical one. As a woman, having nice looking hair is surely a significant part of your daily grooming; it may even be strongly [Read More]

Mental Health

Is Depression a Disability ?

Is depression a Disability? You should know that depression is now second leading cause of disability in the world. Depression is nothing but mental illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts. These mental and [Read More]

Mental Health

Natural Remedies for Depression

Most of the people try herbal or Natural Remedies for Depression as first hand choice. There are many reasons behind this. You know very well that an antidepressant medicine has side effects. To avoid side [Read More]

Mental Health

Homeopathy for Insomnia

The use of homeopathy  for insomnia treatment depends upon the underlying condition. There are many conditions that can cause insomnia and homeopath usually prescribes remedies based on the underlying cause. The approach of homeopathy for [Read More]