Persantine Stress Test

Persantine Stress Test

The Persantine stress test involves imaging of cardiac vessels under controlled conditions of stress. This test helps in figuring out the conditions of blood vessels and other areas of the heart that are not receiving [Read More]

Is Epinehrine a Steroid

Is Epinephrine a Steroid?

Is Epinephrine a Steroid? A commonly asked question. Adrenaline or adrenalin is also known as epinephrine. It is produced by the adrenal glands as a hormone. Later on, it was prepared to given as a [Read More]

Before going in depth into what does a periodntist do

What does a Periodontist do?

What does a Periodontist do?  Periodontology or periodontics is a specific branch of dentistry that involves the study of supporting tissues of the teeth and the diseases related to them. The supporting tissues of teeth [Read More]

self esteem test

Self Esteem Test

Self esteem test can be defined as a psychological test concept the measures or evaluates the emotional measure of a person’s worth as seen by the person himself or herself. It comprises of a person’s [Read More]

speech Therapy for adults

Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech can be defined as the sound that humans produce from their vocal cords in order to communicate with one another. For some reasons, there may occur a problem in producing the desired sound or [Read More]

Transesophageal echo basics

Transesophageal Echo Basics

Transesophageal Echo Basics Transesophageal echo or echocardiography is shortly known as  TEE.   This a  procedure  to to get echocardiography via esophageal route. TEE produces higher quality images from  the esophagus which is in close [Read More]



Dolichocephaly, also know as Scaphocephaly is a developmental ‘abnormality’ of the skull shape and size. Scaphocephaly itself means boat shaped head. Babies with dolichocephaly are born with a elongated head than a normal child. The [Read More]