poison ivy rash treatment
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Poison Ivy Rash Treatment

Poison Ivy, as popularly known is a famous plant causing mild to severe allergic skin reaction. It’s scientific name is Toxicodendron radicans and is a poisonous weed of North America and Asian region. This  flowering plant grows as trailing vine, [Read More]


Mees Lines in Fingernails

Mees Lines are also called as Aldrich-Mees’ lines. Though mees lines in fingernails appear as dermatological sign, it usually indicates underlying medical conditions. Mees lines are true leukonychia, where discoloration of the nail occur without paplpable ridge.  [Read More]


X-Ray and Pregnancy

X-rays and Pregnancy related issues are worth discussing here. Due to ignorance and accidental exposure to x-ray happens.  People frequently ask and seek advice on safety of security equipment,  metal detectors, airport security systems and [Read More]


Cushing’s Triad and Cushing’s Reflex

Cushing’s Triad is a clinical triad described with bradycardia, Systolic hypertension and irregular breathing. It is named after Harvey William’s Cushing, who actually demonstrated cushing’s reflex (again him) first.  Cushing’s Reflex is the physiological phenomena, in which raised [Read More]

12 Lead ECG Placement Mnemonics

12 Lead ECG Placement Mnemonics

12 Lead ECG Placement Mnemonics helps to remember placement of chest and limb ECG leads. Often the respective leads indicators are marked on chest leads. Limb leads are color coded and marked too.  There are [Read More]

aortic Dissection

Aortic Dissection

Always consider aortic dissection as the diagnosis if you hear aortic regurgitation, or a diastolic murmur  Introduction Acute aortic dissection is a medical and surgical emergency – it is one of the critical causes of acute chest pain [Read More]

coarse vfib

Coarse Ventricular Fibrillation (Coarse v fib)

Coarse Ventricular Fibrillation, shortly coarse v fib is the first phase of ventricular fibrillation and characterized by bigger waveform in the ECG. Coarse ventricular fibrillation is still some effective contractions before going into fine ventricular fibrillation and eventually into [Read More]

tombstone ecg

Tombstone ECG

Tombstone ECG or Tombstoning EKG, as the name suggests takes the shape of a tombstone. It’s a ST elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) with prominent ST elevation indicating severe myocardial damage. It may be associated with left [Read More]