Plantar Wart vs Corn

The appearance of both warts and the corns are almost similar. However, there is a subtle difference between the two. This article gives a comparison between Plantar wart vs corn.

Warts are generously defined as growth or an accumulation dead skin cells. The mass growth is generally
non-cancerous and is a result of a viral infection. The virus  infects the top most layer of the skin. [jpg]

The virus that is associated with the formation is the human papillomavirus or more commonly known as the HPV. It is a common misconception to think that the HPV virus that causes genital warts is same as the HPV virus for skin warts.

However, the truth is that they are caused by two completely different strains of the virus. Warts are generally of two types. The types are differentiated based on the place they occur. Plantar warts occur on the soles of the foot while the palmer warts occur on the palms.

Warts appear quite similar to the colour of the skin. They may be either hard, grainy or fleshy depending upon the type of growth. Certain types of plantar warts develop vessels inside them and appear seeded. The formation of blood vessels causes these warts to appear painful.

One should not consider corns similar to plantar warts. While the Human papilloma virus causes plantar warts, on the other hand, corn is a result of continuous pressure and friction.

Because of the continuous application of friction and pressure, the outermost layer of our skin responds to it and gets hardened.

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The appearance of warts and the corns may be similar, but as they are caused by very different methods, therefore in order to treat them, Plantar wart vs corn differentiation is quite necessary. Warts are contagious and demand immediate attention and the need to be treated as soon as possible.

Thus, in order to pinpoint the difference between warts and corns one can refer to the following characteristics –

  • Corns are nothing more than a hardened form of skin and occur only one at a time. On the other hand, warts are a response to infection and have a pale colour along with the formation of blood vessels within them. The blood vessels appear as black dots or what is sometimes known as seeded warts.
  •  Another way to differentiate between plantar warts and corns is the location at which they occur. In general, both occur in different regions of the foot. Corns are generally associated with those parts of the feet that are subjected to friction continuously. These places may include the top of the big toe or in between the toes. On the other hand, plantar warts occur at those places that actually make contact with the floor, such as the heel or the bottom of the big toe.
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  • The cause itself is the main character that will help the physicians to differentiate between them. As physicians generally cut out a portion of the affected part and examine it, therefore, a part taken from a plantar wart will show the presence of the Human papilloma virus. Whereas, corns are the result of skin thickening due to poorly fitted footwear. The skin thickening may form a cone shaped structure and turn inwards to press onto a nerve that causes pain.

Hence, one must carefully observe the affected part to decide whether the structure formed is a corn or a wart. It will help in narrowing down the treatment. As plantar warts are treated by the application of salicylic acid in order to kill off the virus entirely. Therefore it will turn out to be quite disastrous if the same treatment is applied to corns, as it will burn off the skin and form even a more deepened corn. The best treatment for corn is to leave the part to heal itself over time and in the meantime wear a thick enough sock to avoid any further friction.
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